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Breakthrough prayer

Breakthrough prayer

The power of connecting with the heart of God

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Do you long to break through your limitations to a life transformed by God? Breakthrough Prayer helps you connect with God's heart and obtain answers to your prayers. Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle-a church built on prayer-explains the principles of faith-filled, mountain-moving prayer that can transform circumstances, change lives, and draw you closer to God than you've ever imagined.

Meet three who discovered the power of "breakthrough prayer."

"My husband and I had a dream oJhelping desperate yaung women. But no banker in his right mind would finance such a venture. So we prayed and God broke through every single obstacle we Jaced. That was just the beginning aJ the wondetjul rol/er·coaster ride we cal/jaith. '"

"Vaices inside my head were constantly screaming at me. I became like an animai in the street, muttering or yelling out a stream aJ proJanity as peaple passed by. One day I screamed aut, Jesus, help me! O God, you're my only hope! That was the breakthrough prayer that saved my life."

"Talk about breakthrough prayer! I was buried under 110 staries oJ steel and concrete after the col/apse aJ the world Trade Center Towers when God heard my cry Jar help." 


ISBN: 9780310255185
Codice prodotto: 9780310255185
135 x 202 x 14 mm
Peso: 0,190kg
Rilegatura: Brossura
Numero di pagine: 236
Lingua: Inglese
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