Marketplace transformation
Marketplace transformation

Marketplace transformation

Divine shift to global responsibility

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Marketplace Transformation-Divine Shift to Global Responsibility presents a model for current and future marketplace leaders and Kingdom entrepreneurs. It expounds the technology, architecture, and rationale of these corporate giants and monetary warriors-and encourages you to become one.

Principles revealed include:
  • Kingdom economics and the great wealth transfer to the Church
  • Structures that strengthen and sustain solutions
  • The reformation of morals
  • The Daniel Entity
  • The moral fiber and DNA of present-day Cyruses
A Daniel leadership is on the horizon with guts and resolve to withstand and destroy the works of the devil. These leaders will correct government bureaucracy, search out and produce solutions, give wise and trusted advice, bring clarity, and make informed business and political decisions. These believers will not be led by their intellectual strength or business acumen-but by the very hand of God.

This wide and all-inclusive dominion, including the authority that is sunk in heathenism, is to be given on the condition that you will "ask" for it. Nothing short of the whole earth is accurate dominion.

You can assume your vanguard position today!
ISBN: 9788896727256
Producer: Evangelista Media
Product Code: 9788896727256
Dimensions: 150 x 228 x 11 mm
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Binding: Brossura
Number of pages: 156
Language: English UK

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