Judea & Samaria
Judea & Samaria

Judea & Samaria

The biblical heartland of Israel

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This book is about the so-called occupied West Bank. It is about the Jews who live in the West Bank. In this book you will discover a world which the modern media never talks about.

You will discover the area which the Bible calls Judea and Samaria the historical and prophetic heartland of biblical Israel. You will meet the people who are living in this land in the belief that God is bringing the Jews back to the land as He has promised, and in the expectation of the coming of Messiah.

This book is written by Christians who share their belief and expectation.
ISBN: 9788896727188
Producer: Evangelista Media
Product Code: 9788896727188
Dimensions: 236 x 172 x 14 mm
Weight: 0,590kg
Binding: Copertina rigida
Number of pages: 173
Language: English UK

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