The Revival We Need
The Revival We Need

The Revival We Need

A Heart-Cry for Revival

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“The Revival We Need is the most powerful plea for revival I have ever read. Had I the wealth of a millionaire I would put it in every Christian home and confidently look for a revival which would sweep round the world.”
- Jonathan Goforth 

“If God stirs up hearts to pray for a revival it is a sure sign that He wants to send one, and He is always true to His word. Have we the faith? Do we expect an awakening? The answer is not long in coming once the conditions are met. “The trouble is not with God. It lies right here with ourselves. He is willing, more than willing. But we are not ready. And He is waiting for us. Are we going to keep Him waiting long?” 
- Oswald J. Smith 

“His books have been used by the Holy Spirit to sear into the very depths of my own soul and have had a tremendous influence on my personal life and ministry.” 
- Billy Graham
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Oswald J. Smith
Dr. Oswald Jeffrey Smith (8 novembre 1889 - 25 gennaio 1986) è stato un pastore canadese, autore e fautore di missioni. Ha fondato la chiesa del popolo a Toronto nel 1928.

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