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The Holy Spirit And You
The Holy Spirit And You

The Holy Spirit And You

Working together as heaven's dynamic duo

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Most Christians live and die, never knowing the fellowship and companionship of the Holy Spirit. They have heard about the Holy Spirit and may even know doctrinal answers regarding the Third Person of the Godhead. But knowing about the Holy Spirit and personally knowing Him in daily fellowship are two very different things.

The fulfillment of the God-conceived desires that you have dreamed of and that your heart has yearned for lies hidden in the keys within the pages of this book. As you read with an open heart, the Heavenly Father will reveal the ministry of the Holy Spirit to you. And as you act on what you learn and yield to His life-transforming work in your own life, you will set yourself squarely on the path that leads to your dreams becoming reality!
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Lingua: Inglese
ISBN: 9781680311433
Codice prodotto: 9781680311433
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