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Joy in the Camp
Joy in the Camp

Joy in the Camp


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Produttore: DV1
Codice prodotto: CLC0000001064
Lingua: Inglese

Lista brani

1 - Joy in the Camp; 2 - The Happy Jubilee; 3 - Thank God I'm Free; 4 - The Haven of Rest; 5 - I Was there When It Happened; 6 - I'm Living in Canaan Now; 7 - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere; 8 - Getting Used to the Family of God; 9 - I Know; 10 - Medley: The Windows of Heaven are Open/
Jesus on the Main Line/
There Is Power in the Blood/
He's Done So Much for Me I Cannot Tell It All/
I'm Saved and I Know that I Am/
We'll Have a Time/
Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; 11 - Swing Down Chariot; 12 - The World Didn't Give It to Me; 13 - The Fourth Man; 14 - Go Ask; 15 - Master of the Wind; 16 - The Night Before Easter; 17 - Sinner Saved By Grace
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