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We lift our hands - Part 1 & 2
We lift our hands - Part 1 & 2

We lift our hands - Part 1 & 2


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Produttore: DV1
Codice prodotto: 8713542008145
EAN: 8713542008145
Lingua: Inglese

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Bless the Lord; Father; We Lift Our Hands; Come, now is the time ot worship; Here I am to worship; I surrender all; Open the eyes of my heart; Sweetest name I know; Holy is the Lamb; Draw me close; Holy Spirit I thirst for You; Forever; In Your Arms; Power of Your love; Bless the Lord; Ancient of Days; Breathe; I give You my heart; Shout to the Lord; God will make a way; You are holy; Joy to my soul; Never let me go; This is the Lord's doing; Come let us sing; Glory to God Almight; Shine Your Light
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