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Studio Live Personal

Studio Live Personal

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Questa raccolta di canti di Dave, un percusore fra i worship leader britannici, è Real and Personal - Vero e Personal - una lode e adorazione con intimità e passione.


Morning Star
Codice prodotto: CLC0000000479
Lingua: Inglese

Lista brani

Chimes of Freedom; Every Place; Of all the People; Here I Am; Secret Places; Wings of an Eagle; There Will Come a Day; Not One Moment Too Soon; There are Mountains Before Me; Humble Yourselves; Holy Ground; This is My Prayer; Everybody Sing; Yours is the Kingdom; Again and Again; This is Jesus; At that Cross; Cradled; Jesus Christ; One Heart; Draw Me Again; What Does the Lord Require of Me; Minute by Minute; Every Time I Think of You; Send Your Spirit; Gold or Silver; Carry Me; Fiddle and the Drum; Jesus How I Love Your Name; Words of Love; Grace and Mercy; The Voice of God; Heart Ever Been Moved; I Will Trust in the Lord; I'm On My Knees; Holy Holy is the Lord; Prepare the Way of the Lord
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