Now we'll speak
Now we'll speak

Now we'll speak

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Piano singer/songwriter with a classical upbringing. A unique blend of Keith Green and Ben Folds. Chris Burnett grew up in Southern California in an Italian American family. While studying to be a doctor at UCLA, his passion for his historical and cultural roots were so overwhelming that he abandoned medicine, moved to Italy, spoke almost exclusively Italian for three years and married a woman who grew up in the next major town over from where his grandparents immigrated from. He never went back to medicine, but holds to the belief that healing a person could and would happen on multiple levels--so now he spends most of his time writing and recording music for piano and voice in LA and Rome where he and his wife live most of the year. Italian is his first language at home, though at present, most of his music is written first in English. His composing influences are mainly classical, from back in the days when the piano was important enough to be the featured instrument in popular music. His arranging influences are mainly choral because he believes there is no greater force than the voice, and that there is nothing more beautiful than various vocal lines intertwined above a melody line. His poetic influences are two: the poetry of King David in the book of Psalms with his candor and often ugly sentiments that he was open about sharing with the world; and his own mind, because he has found that some of his most tormented thoughts pave the way toward precise questions, which in turn open the door toward redeeming answers.
Producer: Chris Burnett Music
Product Code: 0837101398527
EAN: 837101398527
Language: English UK

Tracks list

I send you; Sometimes castles; It's amazing; Ain't easy; In my weakness; Dichotomy; Hurt and suffering; Poesia di Sometimes Castles; Now we'll speak; Tunnel; Winter winds; Are you sleeping? Poesia di Tunnel; Quiet voice; I am humbled; Raccolta: Now we'll speak, It's amazing, I need You.

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