GLO/ Mezzamorphis
GLO/ Mezzamorphis

GLO/ Mezzamorphis

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Doppio CD che contiene 2 album interi. GLO (2000) + Mezzamorphis (1999)
Producer: Morning Star
Product Code: CLC0000000431
Language: English UK

Tracks list

GLO: God You Are My God; Glo in the Dark Pt 1; God's Romance; Investigate; Glo in the Dark Pt 2; What Would I have Done?; My Glorious; Everything; Hang on to You; Intimate Stranger; Awaken the Dawn; Glo in the Dark Pt 3; The Years Go By; Jesus Blood; Glo in the Dark Pt 4
Mezzamorphis: Mezzanine Floor; Heaven; Follow; Bliss; Its OK; Metamorphis; See the Star; Gravity; Beautiful Sun; Love Falls Down; Blindfold; Kiss Your Feet

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