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God's not dead - Libro in inglese

God's not dead - Libro in inglese

Evidence for God in an age of uncertainty

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"This is quite simply the most concise, punchiest, and wide-ranging argument for the existence of God and the truth of Christianity that has been written in recent years." 
- David Aikman, former senior correspondent, Time magazine; and author, One Nation Without God?

"God's Not Dead answers the thin case of the New Atheists, stirs Christians to confidence in their gospel, and empowers believers for both the spiritual and intellectual battles of our times." 
- Stephen Mansfield, New York Times best-selling author 

"Faith in God is rising, yet so is skepticism. The evidence for the existence of God must be grasped and clearly articulated to answer this challenge," says author Rice Broocks. "The success of the atheistic agenda is mostly due to the fact that the theistic responses to atheists' claims have not been widely circulated."

God's Not Dead guides seekers and reminds believers that...
  • real faith is not blind-it is based on evidence
  • life is no accident-there is meaning and purpose in the universe
  • good and evil are no illusions
  • the God who exists has revealed Himself in history through Jesus Christ.

Drawing fram the areas of philosophy, science, history, and theology, we can form persuasive arguments for God's existence and His presence in our lives. This book equips us with the tools, providing clear, easy-to-follow explanations of the key concepts and contraversies. God's Not Dead is apologetics for the twenty-first century. 


ISBN: 9780849948534
Codice prodotto: 9780849948534
147 x 220 x 25 mm
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Numero di pagine: 279
Lingua: Inglese
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