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The prophet Elisha
The prophet Elisha

The prophet Elisha

Among our traffic lights and skyscrapers

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Today no one expects to meet a prophet like Elisha walking our streets. The real problem is that in the modern church we are losing sight of the reality of the Spirit.

Sensitivity to the moving of the Holy Spirit is decreasing while we are constantly bombarded with Christian advertisements that try to impress on the members of churches using oratory, musical, telegenic skills and various techniques. The church is projected to the success and public acceptance and there are many recipes from all sides.

The logic of numbers has taken on an extraordinary importance, as well as the sectarian individualism and the 'low cost' and 'DIY' ministries. Few prophetic voices rise to protest against the mortal ills of society and the degeneration of a church that should fight those evils. The author goes deep in the many events in the life of the prophet Elisha to collect 'the essential' for our consideration.

The proposed reflections are open to deeper considerations by the reader who wishes to deal with the Word of God and to apply it in his time and life, walking in the Spirit.
ISBN: 9788891113191
Edizioni Gesù Vive
Codice prodotto: 9788891113191
140 x 210 x 7 mm
Peso: 0,180kg
Rilegatura: Brossura
Numero di pagine: 110
Lingua: Inglese
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Domenico Barra

Domenico Barra svolge il suo ministero in molte realtà della chiesa in Italia. È stato usato dal Signore per fondare diverse comunità.

È autore di molti libri di studi biblici e di edificazione spirituale, nati spesso dalla sua esperienza di pastore, insegnante e leader al servizio della chiesa.