Lead us back - Deluxe Edition


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Lead us back - Deluxe Edition [2 CD]

Song of worship

Third Day

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The words 'Lead Us Back' are a call - a call back to Jesus and back to worship - and that is exactly what Third Day is doing with their highly anticipated third worship album, Lead Us Back. Lead Us Back is worship that is fresh, real, and powerful in ways that will be both exciting for Third Day fans, and appealing to people who are drawn to new and real worship. Third Day fans have been eagerly waiting for a follow-up to Offerings and Offerings II, Third Day's two best selling albums of their career. It has been 12 years since Offerings II was released and Lead Us Back: A Call To Worship is well worth the wait - these songs will resonate with people for another decade and beyond. The release will also include a deluxe version with an additional disc of ten classic Third Day worship songs, captured live on the road from many of their sold-out tour performances.

The songs themselves are a journey back to the worship that Third Day holds close to them,  but refreshed through powerful songwriting, and through the imaginative production of JT Daly (Paper Route), and Jonny Macintosh. Just as Third Day fans have come to expect, the songs on Lead Us Back are some of the best-written of their career, and with the production of JT and Jonny behind it, this worship album packs a punch. Tracks like "Our Deliverer," a reminder of beauty coming from ashes, "Soul On Fire," (co-written by Matt Maher), a calling out to God, and "Victorious," a belief-confirming and timeless anthem, are messages that resonate with everyone and their journey back to Jesus. "He Is Alive" is a celebration of the resurrection that will become a must-play at Easter, and "In Jesus Name" features some of Christian music's top artists such as Michael W. Smith, David Crowder, Natalie Grant, and Michael Tait. This album hits hard like classic Third Day, draws you in to worship through big melodies and layers of intricate instrumentals, and pulls you close to Jesus through beautiful and honest moments of true worship from Mac, Mark Tai, and David

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I Third Day sono un gruppo musicale christian rock statunitense originario di Marietta (Georgia) e attivo dal 1991. Il gruppo è stato fondato da Mac Powell (voce), Mark Lee (chitarra) e Billy Wilkins (chitarra), ai quali si sono aggiunti in seguito Tai Anderson e David Carr. Il primo disco, pubblicato nel 1996, è l'eponimo Third Day. Il nome del gruppo un riferimento al "terzo giorno" dopo la crocifissione di Gesù, durante il quale Cristo è risorto. Nel 2009 la band è stata inserita nella Georgia Music Hall of Fame.