The Waldensian Story
The Waldensian Story

The Waldensian Story

A study in faith, intollerance and survival

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The Waldenses, sensing danger, abandoned their houses and took to the mountains or hid themselves in remote valleys or beyond the frontier…
Troops scaled the heights in pursuit of refugees and remnants of resistance. Snow continued to fall on the mountains, bragging despair to the defenders. They could see down below their homes on fire while their wives and children were dying of cold in the mountains.
(from Chapter 16)

"English-speaking readers will be grateful for Prescot Stephens's comprehensive and well-illustrated history of the Waldensian Christians, and should take pride in the way that British Protestants helped this ancient Church survive the many misfortunes and persecutions which never succeeded in bringing it to extinction".
(Rev. Professor Diarmaid N.J. MacCulloch)
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