The White Album Remix Project


ISBN: 9320428266569
Codice prodotto: 9320428266569
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Durata: 67 min
Lingua: Italiano

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The White Album Remix Project [CD]

Hillsong United
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The White Album [Remix Project] is abold leap into the contemporary sounds of dance music, showcasingcompletely remixed worship songs previously released by Hillsong UNITED.

Encouraging the Christian Electronic Dance Music scene, this albumhas opened the creative floodgates to Christian DJ’s, engineers,programmers and musicians to re-imagine Hillsong UNITED’s biggest songs.The result is surprisingly refreshing, an electronic expression ofmodern worship that will connect with our ‘dance floor / clubbing’generation.

The Australian worship collective are on the forefront of a modernexpression of worship, stating on their website that they are “committedto creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in itsuniqueness... our mission is to write songs that awaken churches andindividuals to the fact that we are redeemed and called into the storyof God.”

This album represents another re-expression of creative worship,stretching the boundaries once again in the realms of dance music givingvoice to a generation who are passionate about music and God.

Hillsong United
Gli Hillsong United sono un gruppo rock cristiano originario di Sydney; fanno parte dell'Hillsong Church, una chiesa evangelica pentecostale australiana che si occupa anche di musica cristiana contemporanea.