Kids' Bible coloring book
Kids' Bible coloring book

Kids' Bible coloring book

With stories and pictures

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This book presents 105 familiar and some less famiIiar stories from both the Old and New Testaments to re ad and colour. A Biblical story and a picture to colour are presented on facing pages.Colouring is one of the best methods for pre-school children to become familiar with the Bible. With this selection of Bible stories and the corresponding pictures, children can create their own "Children's Bible" and adults can read the stories to them.At the end of each story there are three questions intended to help the children remember the details of the story.
ISBN: 9783894368425
Producer: DV1
Product Code: 9783894368425
Dimensions: 150 x 226 x 14 mm
Weight: 0,360kg
Binding: Brossura
Number of pages: 222
Language: English UK

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Margitta Paul

Margitta Paul ha svolto per molto tempo l'opera di missionaria tra i bambini. Oggi lavora con le donne e i senior in qualità di insegnante.

Ha scritto numerosi libri per lavorare con i bambini, è stata anche co-autrice, redattrice e illustratrice.

Margitta vive a Sinn, in Germania.

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