The Barbour Children's Bible
The Barbour Children's Bible

The Barbour Children's Bible

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The Barbour Children's Bible is a brand-new edition of God's Word, designed just for kids like you!

The unique scripture version features a limited vocabuIary of 850 words to simpIy and clearIy share God's truth-making it the perfect BibIe version for your young heart.

With the complete OId and New Testaments, The Barbour Children's Bible is a fun way to read and experience God's Word because it's a simplified version that you realIy can understand alI on your own!

But Jesus said: "Let ihe little children come to Me. Do not stop them. The holy nation of heaven is made up of ones like ihese" - Matthew 19:14.
ISBN: 9781630586591
Codice prodotto: 9781630586591
Dimensioni: 140 x 222 x 30 mm
Peso: 0,700kg
Rilegatura: Copertina rigida
Numero di pagine: 931
Lingua: Inglese
Versione: NLV (New Life Version)

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