Never give up!
Never give up!

Never give up!

How to overcome the challenges of life with the strength of faith

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Jesus spoke to his disciples using a parable that demonstrated the importance of praying constantly and to never throw in the towel.

If Jesus in person told his disciples to never let go, to never give up and to never throw in the towel, I imagine that it must be something normal to be tempted to do so. Maybe even you have been tempted to give up, but the fact that you are reading this book means that you still haven't given in. Maybe the flame in your heart has died down in intensity, but by the grace of God it hasn't burnt out.

Don't give up! God is not finished with you yet. Don't throw in the towel there is a divine plan for your life.

When difficulties try to get you down, don't stay down! Get back up, shake the dust off of you and keep on walking!

Life is not always easy, sometimes situations get out of hand and the ground beneath us starts to fail. There are some things that we just can't explain and we might not find the answers to them in this life; yet Jesus is still telling you and I: Don't give up.
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