Stars and their purpose
Stars and their purpose

Stars and their purpose

Signposts in Space

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What expectations do you have when you start reading a book with the title "Signposts in Space"? Perhaps you think of the "little green men" which Bell and Hewish discovered when they first received signals from pulsars? Or maybe you're interested in reading something about intelligent life forms, whose existence in distant galaxies provides the material for much speculation?

Rather, in this book, we'll be looking at the effect which star systems have on us human beings. We shall answer questions which are a fascinating as they are fundamental: What are the origins of the universe? Is its existence a coincidence or does it have pre-destined design? Why are there stars in this enormous universe? Who is their creator? What was the star of Bethlehem? Is it possible to have a personal relationship with this creator?

The starry sky is there for everyone and can be seen from every point on the earth. Thus this impressive scenery invites us to spend some time in reflection.
ISBN: 9783893977871
Produttore: Edizioni CLV
Codice prodotto: 9783893977871
Dimensioni: 110 x 180 x 15 mm
Peso: 0,150kg
Rilegatura: Brossura
Numero di pagine: 217
Lingua: Inglese

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